About cpb.design

cpb.design is a boutique design agency focused on graphic design, website development, and creative direction. 

My name is Connor Bowen, I am a graphic designer, web developer, creative problem solving expert, and founder of cpb.design. I am a native of Boston, Massachusetts, where our agency is currently based.

I have worked in a wide range of client-facing design roles with numerous clients across a variety of industries, but I specialize in roles that foster direct communication between clients, designers, and other team members.

Using design to share important ideas, bring clients’ visions into reality, and solve tough problems with creative solutions are the sort of things that keep me passionate about design. When I’m not designing, I love to play golf (poorly), cycle, visit breweries, and travel.

Connor Bowen
Founder, cpb.design

Who I've Worked With

I am a formally trained graphic designer with experience in both print and digital media. The majority of my career has been focused on creating deliverables for digital and print marketing strategies. Through the process of creating design systems, unique marketing collateral,  and custom websites to meet the needs of clients across 20+ industries, I’ve learned that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to design is simply never the right option when it comes to building a brand and getting a message across.

I have experience working with businesses that range from a single employee to over ten-thousand, but my approach is always the same: I carefully consider my clients’ needs, plan, execute, and adapt along the way. From restaurant chains to dog trainers, cosmetic surgeons to corporations on the cutting edge of material development, I’ve learned critical strategies to manage projects and delegate responsibilities to a team at every stage of a creative project. I have been incredibly grateful for my experiences working together with all kinds of employees at all levels of management, and the unique insights they’ve provided me in the scope of design and creative project management.

What I'm Focused On

My twelve years experience as visual designer in the marketing industry has granted me invaluable understanding of the most effective ways to meet my clients’ design goals. I seek to take a compassionate approach to design, that is thoughtful of every businesses’ unique constraints, challenges, resources, and budgets.  As someone whose career has been focused on ‘wearing many hats,’ I’ve learned an array of strategies and tools that help to compartmentalize client & team goals to ensure that every aspect of a project is considered and executed thoughtfully, effectively, and with care.

I have 5+ years’ experience in designing, building, and maintaining bespoke, SEO-focused, mobile-responsive WordPress websites for businesses of all sizes, across industries of all kinds. I have in-depth experience creating unique e-commerce platforms, facilitating implementation of advanced integrations & API endpoints to meet clients’ complex needs to fit their business strategies.

Additionally, much of my career has been focused on creating unique brand collateral for marketing purposes. I’ve helped brands large and small develop and implement visual branding guidelines, including logos, style guides, and advertising materials. I’ve been involved at every stage of the design & manufacturing process for clients’ merchandise, catalogs & brochures, signs & posters, product packaging, and more.

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